30 x 30 Fun: Week 1

What a week. I was sick.  Little Man had a fever of 103 degrees Fahrenheit on Monday, and general poopiness the rest of the week.  And the Dreamboat had a huge project at work that took up most of his time and finally finished on Thursday.

We are all spread so thin right now I am sure we are translucent.

To fight back on the sick and tired, we tried our best to get outside as much as possible, even if it was only for a short time.  I promised pictures and an update on week one of the David Suzuki Foundation 30 x 30 Challenge.  Here is what happened: Continue reading


Curing the Sniffles Naturally

Last week was the birthday bash for Little Man, and we had a full house for the festivities.  Of course this meant that he spent most of the time in the arms of a loving friend or relative.  And invariably, this lead to Little Man developing the sniffles.

There was no high fever, but he was warm to the touch, with a runny nose and a mean case of the grumps.  On top of this, he had been teething very slowly since January.

When I saw my son sick and in pain, my first reaction was to Continue reading