To Be Continued

Well the good news is that I now have a full time job.

I am a big fan of pay checks!

The not so great news is that I started this full time job at the same time that Little Man started full time daycare, and it seems that we are both extra exhausted and cranky lately.

While I am grateful for the chance to get back into my industry, I am sad that my whole days of fun with Little Man are over. I know that I will miss so much, and it makes me feel a little heart-broken.

Mind you, like a true extrovert, he is having almost no troubles with the change (other than being a little more tired by dinner time). In fact, he barely turned around to say goodbye the first time he was dropped off at daycare.

I don’t think he even notices Continue reading


Celebrating and Reflecting

True Love

Today we are celebrating the 64th wedding anniversary of the Dreamboat’s grandparents (aka great-grandma M and great-grampa W).

Sixty-four years is a large part of their lives together.  How amazing and inspiring!

It got me thinking about all the changes that they have witnessed throughout their marriage.  And being the green nerd that I am, it also has me thinking about how the environment has changed during this time.

To go from a mentality of making things yourself, and using items until they give out (then fixing them and using them again) to a world of never-ending plastic and ready-made foods and disposable items, they have been through a lot of change.

What a difference sixty-four years makes.

I recently saw a great piece of writing on Facebook (of all places).  The story is about an old woman who is going through the checkout of a grocery story and using plastic bags.  The cashier remarks to her is a rude manner that because her generation wasted so much, our environment has been destroyed.

The story is originally in french, and I will do my best to translate, but here is what the old woman’s response was to the cashier: Continue reading