Guest Post: Why Use Essential Oils

Today I’m participating in the Ultimate Blog Swap.  You’ll find me guest posting over at Townsend House about my food preservation hits and misses, and I’m excited to welcome Krissa from More than Mundane to Yeah Baby It’s Cold Outside.


I first began using essential oils a couple years ago when I began looking for ways to create a healthier, more eco-friendly home environment. As I began to learn more and more about essential oils I realized they were an extremely natural, effective, and versatile tool in creating the natural home I’m striving for.


One thing I love about essential oils is that they are natural. Essential oils are distilled from plants and plant parts. I can feel safe about using them in my home, for myself and for my family.


I love that essential oils are not only natural, but also Continue reading


Curing the Sniffles Naturally

Last week was the birthday bash for Little Man, and we had a full house for the festivities.  Of course this meant that he spent most of the time in the arms of a loving friend or relative.  And invariably, this lead to Little Man developing the sniffles.

There was no high fever, but he was warm to the touch, with a runny nose and a mean case of the grumps.  On top of this, he had been teething very slowly since January.

When I saw my son sick and in pain, my first reaction was to Continue reading