A Midwife Helped Me Out

Along with writing about eco-living, I want to cover aspects of our health, wellness, etc. Yesterday Little Man and I went the park to enjoy the sunshine, some tasty treats and the chance to see the amazing midwives that  helped bring LM into the world.  It was, after all a client reunion picnic.

This got me thinking about what a tremendous role these women played in keeping both of us healthy and strong before and after the birth.  So I wanted to write about midwives today, and why I would never consider going through another pregnancy without their help.

I was fortunate enough to have two sets of midwives.  I taught in a remote town in Northern Quebec for the first half of my pregnancy (we found out I was pregnant a week before I left), and was under the care of incredible local, Inuit midwives while I was there.  After Christmas I came home for good, and began seeing my Ontario midwives (whom I had only met once before leaving for Quebec in August).

Despite the cultural differences, and different backgrounds, both the Quebec and Ontario midwives had very similar approaches.  Both  Continue reading