30 x 30 Fun: Week 4

I can’t believe four weeks has gone by already.  Time flies when you’re outside, I guess.  Here is what happened in week 4 of the David Suzuki Foundation’s 30 x 30 Challenge:


By Friday we were pretty drained of energy.  Little Man started getting sick and was pretty tired of being away from home/in his carseat.  We spent some time Continue reading


30 x 30 Fun: Week 3

Wow.  What a crazy week.  I apologize for the weird order of posts this past week, but I have been pretty busy lately with visits both at home and away.  We are finally back from our travels, so I wanted to fill you in on week 3 of the DSF 30 x 30 Challenge.


On Friday the Dreamboat started getting ready for his trip down south to Muskoka to help his friend M with a kitchen renovation.  At the same time I was getting ready for M’s girlfriend L to come to our house with her little one LD.  It was a pretty busy day, but Little Man and I managed some time outside in the backyard.

So-called weeds in bloom.

Saturday Continue reading