Organic Chicken Rotisserie and Stock

Last Wednesday, along with picking up our usual CSA veggies from Dalew Farms, we received our July order of organic chickens. This was our first time ordering their chickens and we were very excited to try them.

Obviously there was only one way to taste test the meat:


First thing we did was make a basting sauce:

1/2 c olive oil

1/2 c lemon juice

2 tbsp fresh rosemary (gently pressed with a rolling-pin to release oils)

We set the barbecue to 350 and then began the rotisserie.

And by we I mean the Dreamboat.  There is something about barbecuing that demands male attention. Continue reading


Recipe for CSA Goodies: Creamy Goat’s Cheese Brushetta

The Dreamboat and I have been excitedly going through our Community Sustained Agriculture (CSA) box each week to see what’s inside.  For the most part it is laden with tasty veggies that I already know the name of, but sometimes there is a new surprise in the mix.

One of these surprises was a large handful of garlic scapes in our first two boxes.

I had never heard of the scapes, but it is simply the top part of the garlic plant.  It looks like a closed flower waiting to bloom, but apparently if you leave it to do so it will sprout small garlic bulbs that you can then plant into the garden.

If you do this, though, the plant will have to divide nutrients between the stalk and the bulbs, so farmers and gardeners tend to cut the scapes off.

So what did we do with the garlic scapes?

We chopped them up and added them to my famous (slash taken from my best friend’s recipe box) Goat’s Cheese Brushetta.  Generally the recipe calls for a chopped up clove of garlic, but I substituted a handful of chopped garlic scapes in its place. Continue reading