30 x 30 Fun: Week 4

I can’t believe four weeks has gone by already.  Time flies when you’re outside, I guess.  Here is what happened in week 4 of the David Suzuki Foundation’s 30 x 30 Challenge:


By Friday we were pretty drained of energy.  Little Man started getting sick and was pretty tired of being away from home/in his carseat.  We spent some time Continue reading


30 x 30 Fun: Week 3

Wow.  What a crazy week.  I apologize for the weird order of posts this past week, but I have been pretty busy lately with visits both at home and away.  We are finally back from our travels, so I wanted to fill you in on week 3 of the DSF 30 x 30 Challenge.


On Friday the Dreamboat started getting ready for his trip down south to Muskoka to help his friend M with a kitchen renovation.  At the same time I was getting ready for M’s girlfriend L to come to our house with her little one LD.  It was a pretty busy day, but Little Man and I managed some time outside in the backyard.

So-called weeds in bloom.

Saturday Continue reading

30 x 30 Fun: Week 2

Finally we are all feeling better at our casa.  We got off to a shaky start during week one of the 30 x 30 challenge, but week two went so much better.  Here is what we’ve been up to lately.


We all breathed a sigh of relief and welcomed the weekend with open arms.  Little Man and I attempted the beach again.  I was way more prepared for playing in the water, and the sandy finale.  Little Man was a lot more energetic, although this time there were no kids around to play with.  He settled for watching some geese and goslings that were nested nearby (you can’t really see them in the picture below, but I promise they are there).

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