Enjoying the Long Weekend

I can’t believe that we are in the last month of summer so soon.

Already we have moved on from the uncomfortable hot days of July to the cool evenings of August.

This is my favourite time of the summer.  Not only because I was married in August, but also because I love the coolness that sweeps in, allowing me to relish the crispness of the evenings while snuggled next to the Dreamboat.

And on top of that is the realization that another holiday weekend has arrived.

Which means…[cue the bells and whistles]…camping! Continue reading


Those Amazing Trees

If you thought this summer was hot, sticky and are hoping that next year the weather is just a little more balanced, then you might want to think about one of the most natural air coolants out there:

The tree.

Simply put, if we had more of them left, we would have more opportunities to experience their amazing powers of cooling and shading.

Think I’m exaggerating?  Well here are a few interesting facts about trees that I learned from the David Suzuki Foundation email newsletter this week:

Sun-Fried Plants: A Summer Tragedy

I guess we should have known by the oddly warm and early spring we had this year that we were in for one hot summer, but this is crazy.

It is insanely warm.  Not only are people having a hard time in the heat, but so are the plants.

Take my poor little herbs I potted in May.  All was well with them at first.  Then at the end of June I went away for a few days to help with kitchen reno (by help I mean watch) and then off to my Dad’s wedding.  And while I was away that blaring sun got to my herbs.

I came home to pots of dying and, in some cases, downright fried little herbs.  I cut back what I could and took good care of them..

Some of them are almost recovered.  Others, though, I am pretty sure are dead.

Sorry Dill, Tarragon and Cilantro.  It was good while it lasted. Continue reading