Smoke and Mirrors

I recently saw a pretty cool idea floating around Pinterest this week:

Toddler snacks served in ice cube trays.

It looked pretty tasty with a variety of foods, colours and textures for the little one in the picture to choose from. So obviously I had to try it out too.

Note: I was not made for Pinterest.

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Fantastic Homemade Laundry Detergent

Because we are away from our neck of the woods for my Dad’s wedding (congrats Dad!), I figured I would pre-write this post just in case I couldn’t get a chance to write an update of week 3 of the 30 x 30 challenge.  If you are reading this I am far away from my precious Mac.  I will get back to reality soon.  In the meantime enjoy THIS post:

Fantastic Homemade Laundry Detergent

Waaaaaaaaaaay back in October I tried out a homemade laundry soap recipe that I found on Pinterest (originally from the site Tip Junkie).  It is now almost mid-June and I JUST ran out of the soap.  Because it lasted so long, was so inexpensive and worked so well, I wanted to write about it today. Continue reading

The Great Toy Roundup

DISCLAIMER: The Dreamboat pointed out that some may read this post and believe that I am judging them.  Please note that I am not pointing the blame at family and friends for purchasing any non-organic toys for Little Man.  I am simply opening up the topic of gift-giving for polite debate and consideration.  🙂

In two weeks Little Man will be the big 0-1.  With his birthday in close sight, I found myself thinking about the birthday toys he will soon receive and the army of toys he already has.

It is amazing how someone of such a tiny stature has amazed such a large repertoire of toys.  The toys are mostly brightly coloured, made up of plastic or artificial materials with very few organic, natural fibres in sight.

Considering that the Dreamboat and I are determined to reduce the amount of chemicals that Little Man is exposed to day-to-day, it was a shock to see that we were so far behind in the toy department.  While we were sure to have toys and teethers made of organic cloth or untreated wood before he was born, we started slipping once he arrived.

For one thing, anything organic is expensive, making non-organic toys seem all the more tempting.  But there is also the simple fact that having a child means that sooner or later he or she will receive gifts from others. Those gifts may be organic, but then again they may be made of PVC plastic, light up and play insanely loud music. What do you do then?

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