You, the Reader

So just who is this blog for?  You’ll want to stick around if you see yourself in any of the points below.

  • you are a nature geek, like me
  • you are trying to live an eco-friendly life
  • you want to find out how to get nasty day-today chemicals away from you
  • you are a new parent
  • you are a parent trying to raise an eco-conscious child
  • you are a parent who values hands on play and experiential learning
  • you want to learn about living sustainably on a budget
  • you want to know about eco-friendly products and services
  • you live in the Canadian north or a remote area and want information on eco-friendly products and services

Does some or all of that sound like you?  If your ears are burning, then get back to my home page, subscribe to Yeah Baby It’s Cold Outside updates and start reading.  What’s in it for you?  How about relevant information, great pictures and a fantastic way to put life on hold for a little while.


4 thoughts on “You, the Reader

  1. Hi Catherine! I’m a mom of one and soon-to-be two sometime mid/late April 2013. I’m currently the sole breadwinner for my family and in order for me to take a maternity leave we’ve decided to move to my mom’s cottage in the near-ish North when the ice melts off the lakes. From your blog it looks like I share a lot of your parenting and eco-living ideals, but I’d be particularly interested in knowing how you cope with black fly season and a LO in Northern ON. I’ll be perusing your older posts and checking back frequently 🙂

    Christina (currently of Collingwood, ON)

    • Hi Christina.
      How exciting that you are venturing up north this spring! I’ll give you a couple of options for black fly season in a future post (so far we have had luck without using anything on Little Man, but I have a store-bought product and an essential oils recipe that I want to try). Keep me posted on your interests in blog topics and any questions, Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Hey Catherine!

    I love your blog. What a great idea. I will be a “follower”, but not in a creepy way…more in a supportive way! Although I have no plans to be a parent (in the foreseeable future or otherwise), I am always trying to find new ways of becoming more eco-conscious. For example, I have stopped using shampoo and gone for alternatives; I partake in nature hike with friends who have a HUGE knowledge of edible wilds and traditional medicines that I find in my own backyard; and this spring’s goal is to start a garden, including anything from edible flowers to rooted vegies. There’s more, but I’m more interested in reading what you have to say. I can’t wait to read more from your new blog! Hopefully, I can pick up some tips as you discover the secrets of eco-living in the north. And yes, in some ways I find it more difficult to maintain eco-friendly practices in the north. But, in some ways I’m also finding it easier.

    • Hilary. I am so glad you are interested in “Yeah Baby It’s Cold Outside.” I would love to hear all about your newfound knowledge of the plants local to your area. And your soon-to-be garden? What a great idea! I am giving you a nerdy eyeglass and pocket protector adjusting salute. Give the duck, and your dreamboat, a hug for me.

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