To Be Continued

Well the good news is that I now have a full time job.

I am a big fan of pay checks!

The not so great news is that I started this full time job at the same time that Little Man started full time daycare, and it seems that we are both extra exhausted and cranky lately.

While I am grateful for the chance to get back into my industry, I am sad that my whole days of fun with Little Man are over. I know that I will miss so much, and it makes me feel a little heart-broken.

Mind you, like a true extrovert, he is having almost no troubles with the change (other than being a little more tired by dinner time). In fact, he barely turned around to say goodbye the first time he was dropped off at daycare.

I don’t think he even notices that all of the other people around him are speaking french yet.

As long as there are snacks involved, he is all good.

What a kid.

I think I am having a harder time than he is. Along with feeling tired from getting up earlier, and getting home later, I have not even seen the screen of my Mac since I started working again.

So, as you you can guess, I am not being very good at updating my blog.

So I think it is break time for now.

I am not sure how long I will be on hiatus for, but for now time with Little Man and the Dreamboat seem a lot more important.

No offence. 🙂

So I will leave you with this week’s Wordless Wednesday picture, and I will get back in the swing of things when I am back into a routine and feeling less like a suck.

Thanks for reading so far.

Wordless Wednesday: Dreamboat in Training


2 thoughts on “To Be Continued

  1. OH Cath, I was afraid of this. Don’t feel bad. It is to be expected when you get back into a groove. The important things will fall into place.

    As far as Little Man not noticing the change, then you have done your job well. A child that is feeling secure in himself is because of the love and acceptance he receives from the beginning. You and Dreamboat do well to have Little Man greet such a new experience with confidence and excitement . Feel proud, the heartbroken part is par for the course of being Mom. That is why we hold onto the pluses and highs so tightly.

    Good luck in your new phase will miss the updates but it just means weekend afternoon visits at least once a month are in order. Maybe 🙂


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