To Be Continued

Well the good news is that I now have a full time job.

I am a big fan of pay checks!

The not so great news is that I started this full time job at the same time that Little Man started full time daycare, and it seems that we are both extra exhausted and cranky lately.

While I am grateful for the chance to get back into my industry, I am sad that my whole days of fun with Little Man are over. I know that I will miss so much, and it makes me feel a little heart-broken.

Mind you, like a true extrovert, he is having almost no troubles with the change (other than being a little more tired by dinner time). In fact, he barely turned around to say goodbye the first time he was dropped off at daycare.

I don’t think he even notices Continue reading


Enjoying the Long Weekend

I can’t believe that we are in the last month of summer so soon.

Already we have moved on from the uncomfortable hot days of July to the cool evenings of August.

This is my favourite time of the summer.  Not only because I was married in August, but also because I love the coolness that sweeps in, allowing me to relish the crispness of the evenings while snuggled next to the Dreamboat.

And on top of that is the realization that another holiday weekend has arrived.

Which means…[cue the bells and whistles]…camping! Continue reading