Smoke and Mirrors

I recently saw a pretty cool idea floating around Pinterest this week:

Toddler snacks served in ice cube trays.

It looked pretty tasty with a variety of foods, colours and textures for the little one in the picture to choose from. So obviously I had to try it out too.

Note: I was not made for Pinterest.

My first attempts were not nearly as flashy (see below).  Still, I had fun coming up with the snack ideas, and Little Man had a good time trying out each little section.

[Except for peas.  We are still trying to sway him on that one.]

Then I stopped and though about the idea a little more.

The Dreamboat and I have been striving for a while to reduce the amount of chemicals in our everyday lives. After reading the excellent book “The Natural Kitchen” by Deborah Eden Tull, we recycled or reused our plastic containers in favour of glass and food grade silicone.

The exceptions to this were the trays we had to freeze baby foods, which is what I had been using for my Pinterest-inspired Little Man snacks.

Now I know a lit of people will say that if you are not heating or cooling the plastic then you don’t have to worry about chemicals leeching into you foods, but I prefer the idea of sticking with our ideals whenever possible.

I managed to find some silicone mini-cake baking cups on sale at our grocery store in fun shapes and colours (it’s funny how things sometimes just show up out of the blue like that).  They are larger than the sections of the food tray that I had been using which meant more snacking goodness for Little Man.

And by using colourful containers like this, I get to make food fun for Little Man whenever possible.  He’s falling into that age where he is asserting his independence, and foods that he used to eat tenaciously, he now turns his nose up at.

So it’s smoke and mirrors for me I dare say, if that’s what it takes to inspire healthy eating in my son.   And would you believe that it worked in getting Little Man to try peas again.

That, my friends, is a mommy victory.

What about you?  Have you ever dressed food up in any way to make it more appetizing?  Are you a sneaky chef hiding veggies in plain sight or do/did your little ones just eat everything presented to them?  Leave me a comment and let me know.


Last, but not least, here is a shot of this week’s CSA box from Dalew Farms.  Yum!


4 thoughts on “Smoke and Mirrors

    • You’re right about the first pic being yogurt and fruit. I was scared of the amount of sugar and mystery ingredients in the flavoured yogurt, so I have been making my own flavoured yogurt by adding applesauce or orange juice to organic full-fat yogurt. It is so good. I like your idea of snack trays as lunches. It certainly adds a lot of variety. Thanks for the comment.

    • Hi Kelly. The first picture is clementine pieces floating in yogurt. Yum! I haven’t tried egg in the snack cups yet. Little Man loves the egg white but not the yolks, so I usually only give it to him when I am making egg salad for the grownups too. Does your little one like egg?

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