Spotlight: Dalew Farms (Lavigne, ON)

I mentioned Dalew Farms briefly in another post, but I wanted to go a little more in-depth today.

There are a lot of people out there in the more remote areas of Canada looking for good, inexpensive, organic goods.

Northern Ontario is a region that is dotted with small towns stretched out along far distances.  It can be difficult to get high quality produce and meat in the few (sometimes only one) small grocery stores due to the high cost of transporting these goods from down south.

However, there are also many farms within Northern Ontario, and if you live near the Lavigne area then you are lucky enough to be close to Dalew Farms.

Along with selling high quality meat and eggs from happy chickens, cows, pigs and lambs, Dalew Farms offers a Community Sustained Agriculture program to the Sudbury and North Bay areas.  They are very popular and often end up with a waiting list of people hoping to make it on the following season’s CSA or Egg share lists.

Although we are still waiting patiently for our chance to get an egg share, we are in our second year of the CSA.  So far we are really pleased with the produce we have received.

We pick up our produce weekly, and, not only do we get a large box of organic goodies, but we also get the chance to pick something “on the side” as an extra treat.  It can be anything from strawberries (yum), to extra lettuce, to large pieces of dill to use in preserving.

This week’s on the side option was radishes.  The Dreamboat made the point that they go really well in our home made juice (it adds a little kick to any fruit and veggie combination you throw in the juicer.  Try it!).

Along with dropping off our CSA veggies every week (or monthly from November to June), Dave and Chantal also accept orders from their online store.  You simply order by Tuesday morning and then pick up your goodies at the CSA delivery site (Market Square in Sudbury).

Since likeminded organic folks stick together, you can also find fantastic goods from other farmers/producers available for purchase at the Dalew online (and farm gate) store.  We bought a huge bag of organic rolled oats, produced by Loonsong Gardens, at the Dalew Farm store just the other week.  You can also find great northern brands such as Boreal Forest Teas, Old Rock Coffee Roastery coffee, Creekbend Farm honey, Sucrerie Seguin maple syrup, Poschaven Farms flours, Mapletone Organic ice creams, and Plain Jane soaps.

If you are in the Lavigne area and want to buy some goods at the farm, you can do that also.  Generally when we are driving down south, we try to stop by the farm gate store to buy some insanely tasty pork ribs to bring to the folks we are visiting.

Dalew also has an open house during the summer, which allows the public to come see the farm.  Little Man and I went last August and had a hayride through the fields.  We checked out the fruits, veggies and livestock there.  Little Man was still pretty blobby at the time, so it is hard to say what he liked best.  My favourite part, however, was seeing all of the peaceful and happy animals on the farm.  It really makes me feel good to know that there are farms that treat their animals humanely and respectfully.

I have nothing but good things to say about Dalew Farms.  The Dreamboat and I have really enjoyed the incredibly good produce and meat we have purchased from the farm, and Dave and Chantal are always happy and helpful when we see them.

If you have been to the farm or are part of the CSA/egg shares at Dalew, I would love to hear about your experiences.

Little Man and his bag of oats.

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