30 x 30 Fun: Week 4

I can’t believe four weeks has gone by already.  Time flies when you’re outside, I guess.  Here is what happened in week 4 of the David Suzuki Foundation’s 30 x 30 Challenge:


By Friday we were pretty drained of energy.  Little Man started getting sick and was pretty tired of being away from home/in his carseat.  We spent some time at the venue for my Dad’s wedding getting things ready.  It was going to be an outside ceremony in an apple orchard.  It was a truly beautiful location, quietly tucked away from the busyness of the city.

The apple orchard.


Saturday was the big day.  Everything went well (minus my embarrassingly emotional speech), and Little Man became king of the dance floor at the reception.  The other amusing part was that the cake was poked by cake prodding ninjas, which you can see in the pictures of Grampa K and Grandma M cutting the cake.  Score one for sneaky girls everywhere.

The wedding party: My brother C, step-sister F, Dad (Grampa K) and M (Grandma M).

My brother D (Uncle DJ).

My boys.

The cake ninjas strike again!

Cutting the cake.

Little Man and his older woman.


After driving all night Saturday, we arrived home at 2 a.m. and crashed.  Sunday was the day that sickness caught up with all three of us.  We spent the day moping around and, sadly, didn’t get outside for very long.


I took a good look at our lawn and realized that the weeds were enormous.  It is difficult to spot anything in the yard that resembles grass.  The weeds were so high they looked like they were going to swallow up our little cherry tree.  Likewise, I was pretty sure Little Man could hide in them quite easily and vanish.  I vowed then and there to take care of the weeds once and for all…another day.

Can you spot the cherry tree?


Little Man and I ventured into the scary backyard again.  This time I thought I would try to see if I could just mow over giant weeds with our push mower.  Let’s just say that that was not my brightest idea.  Thirty minutes (and one tiny clump of lawn) later, I decided that my outdoor time was going to consist of me cooking porketta on the barbecue instead.

The amazing push lawnmower.

Oh to be little…

The grand finale.


I decided that I was going to do something about the weeds that were stealing nutrients from our little cherry tree.  I found my shiny new weeder that I had purchased almost two months earlier (with the intention of ridding our lawn of the small army of dandelions).  Now that the weeds were enormous, it was very difficult to find the centre of the plant in order to twist out the root.  After a while, Little Man joined in and tried to help.

Little Man and the weeds.

And the root is where?

“I’ll help you mom.”


The Dreamboat and I forgot to pick up our delicious organic CSA veggies on Wednesday, so I arranged to go to the farm to pick them up myself (thanks Chantal!).  After buying a giant bag of organic rolled oats (from Loonsong Gardens) in the farm store, Chantal suggested that we check out some of the fields.  Little Man spotted a wagon and hopped in, so I ended up pulling him and the giant bag of oats for a little tour.  It is amazing just how many different things are growing at the farm.

Peas ans Lettuce for sale (at Dalew Farm in Lavigne, ON)

“I have just met you and I love you.”

Little Man tastes a REAL strawberry.

That’s a big tractor.

Our CSA loot.

We also stopped at a rest stop and Little Man did some exploring.  He amassed quite the pinecone collection by the time we left.

The search for pinecones continues…

There are still three more days left in the challenge, so I will add the last of the pictures soon.  How did you do this month?  Did you manage to get out for 30 minutes all 30 days?


4 thoughts on “30 x 30 Fun: Week 4

  1. Great photos! Congrats to your dad! I’m sad I didn’t realize you were going to be down this way or I would have insisted on a visit. I hope we’ll be able to see you this summer. I know the Cei-bot would like to meet you 🙂

    • Hi Sally. We would have loved to see you and your little one, but by the time we reached the GTA we realized that Little Man (and we) were getting super drained. I think one more thing would have been disastrous. We will give you a heads up next time we come down south. Thanks for the comment.

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