30 x 30 Fun: Week 3

Wow.  What a crazy week.  I apologize for the weird order of posts this past week, but I have been pretty busy lately with visits both at home and away.  We are finally back from our travels, so I wanted to fill you in on week 3 of the DSF 30 x 30 Challenge.


On Friday the Dreamboat started getting ready for his trip down south to Muskoka to help his friend M with a kitchen renovation.  At the same time I was getting ready for M’s girlfriend L to come to our house with her little one LD.  It was a pretty busy day, but Little Man and I managed some time outside in the backyard.

So-called weeds in bloom.


The Dreamboat left, and our friend L arrived with her son LD.  After they were settled in we took them to a local park to play at the splash pad.  Little Man had never been to one, and wasted no time getting completely soaked.  LD played in the long puddle that ran along half the park (from all that rain we had that week).  At one point he hit a sink hole and went under.  He popped back up and kept playing as if nothing happened, but I definitely had a small heart attack.

Cuties cruising around.

Cuties at the splash pad.


We went into town to a large park.  Little Man and LD had a blast playing on the playground.  L and I had a great time watching and catching up on things.

Cuties on the playground.


It was our last day up north before we joined the Dreamboat and M in Muskoka.  LD started getting sick, which we guessed might have been from his dunk in the giant puddle on Saturday.  We took it easy and stayed close to home.  The cuties went for a ride in the wheelbarrow, thanks to L.  We also had some fun in the backyard with the sprinkler.  Little Man ran in and out of it squealing.  LD kept to his digging and came over periodically to wash off his tools.

Cuties in the wheelbarrow.

Cuties with the sprinkler.


We took our time driving down to Muskoka to meet M and the Dreamboat.  We stopped several times on the way so that the cuties could stretch their legs and eat some snacks.  It was insanely hot and everywhere we stopped had a serious lack of shade.  The drive was long and the boys did their best to stay comfortable in the car.  The cuties were so excited to see their daddies.

Watermelon break!

Little Man, Bunny and Bear in the car.


Wednesday was the day I learned that I will never install a kitchen from IKEA.  Yikes, box overload!  During break time we had fun playing on their property.  Along with hammock fun, we did some exploring and running around outside.

LD having fun with his loader.


The Dreamboat, Little Man and I were once more on the road.  This time we were heading south to the Toronto/Brampton area for my Dad’s wedding.  First we met up with a friend of mine J who taught with me in northern Quebec.  We were both pregnant the last time we were together up north, so this was the first chance for our little ones to meet.  We had originally planned to meet near the Royal Ontario Museum downtown Toronto for a picnic, but there was a heat wave going on, so we decided to meet inside at Yorkdale for air conditioned fun instead.  T is the cutest little girl and she and Little Man had quite the first date complete with her feeding him blueberries.

Do you want a blueberry?


It was a great week, full of good friends and funny kids.  From LD lifting his shirt to show us his belly, which Little Man then ran over to poke to T feeding Little man blueberries on their first date, we had a lot of fun.  By this point we were all exhausted, but we still had my Dad’s wedding coming up.  I will tell you all about it on Friday.

What do you think.  Are Little Man and T meant to be?  I love love!


4 thoughts on “30 x 30 Fun: Week 3

  1. You have created a lot of very special memories for you and great impressions for Little man. My oldest is still good friends with his first love even though they have different lives. i love the continuum with LD and Little Man being buddies following in Dreamboats and M’s footsteps.
    Thanks for sharing your lovely time.

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