Speaking Up for Little Man

Little Man is…well…a little man.  He doesn’t speak the way adults do.  He doesn’t read the way adults do.  Nor does he pay attention to the political issues surrounding him.  He is, after all, only fourteen months old.  But he is going to be caring for the people and environment around him long after a lot of us are gone.  So tomorrow I am doing something to help ensure that he has a clean environment in the future.

On June 4th, I will be participating in an online campaign called “Black Out, Speak Out.”  It was created by several key environmental non-profit organizations in Canada to protest a bill that the government is trying to pass that will significantly weaken laws, and processes put in place for environmental protection.  It is also attacking charities that speak out against environmental destruction.

To protest these changes, people and charities will be posting a “Black Out, Speak Out” picture, link or article on their sites Monday instead of posting as usual.  You can also do this on your Facebook by downloading the “Black Out, Speak Out” profile picture (as seen at the start of this article).  Essentially it is a virtual protest that anyone can participate in.

I know that my posts are generally on the lighter side, optimistically looking at our family’s eco journey, but I think that I need to do my part to speak up for Little Man, who cannot speak for himself.

But that is what’s happening tomorrow.  Here is what is going on in our world today:

Despite the heat that I grumbled about last Sunday, I am certainly wishing I had a little bit of sunshine right now to chase away the endless rain and this random head cold I’ve developped.  I am trying not to let it get in the way of enjoying the David Suzuki Foundation 30 x 30 Challenge that started Friday, but I am definitely being a big wuss.

On Day one of the challenge (Friday), I played a bit with Little Man outside before we went into town to pick up hippy bug lotion from Jump Baby (an awesome baby store in Sudbury).  Little Man had a great time running around the store and playing with everything until he tripped and did a cartoon-like face plant.  This, of course, led to his first ever nose bleed which was the boo-boo of the day until he managed to trip and go face-first into the door frame of the living room at home later that night.  Both mommy and baby promptly went to bed to sleep away all memories of the day.

Day two of the challenge (Saturday) was injury-free!  Grandma N had participated in the Sudbury Relay for Life Friday and the Dreamboat wanted to meet her with Little Man for her last few laps of the track.  At 5:30 a.m. he woke me from a deep sleep to ask if I wanted to go with them.  At 5:30 a.m., the answer is always no.  Mind you the stuffies settled in and I couldn’t get back to sleep after that, so I went to the college to meet everyone for the end of RFL.    I figured it would also be a great way to get my outside time in for the challenge, but they closed it down early because there was so much rain that almost everyone went home (except Grandma N, who is a fierce ninja).

Today is day three (Sunday) of the challenge, and the day is young.  I am hoping for some good quality time outside today to make up for my lacklustre start.

Little Man certainly loves any time outside, which is awesome.  What about you?  What is your favourite thing to do outside?  Leave me a comment and let me know.


2 thoughts on “Speaking Up for Little Man

  1. That’s great that you are participating in the 30×30 challenge too. Rainy weather definitely makes it hard when you are not feeling the greatest. I like your goal of working up to 30 minutes. Good luck with the challenge and thanks for the comment!

  2. Well Catherine you are inspiring and I have also been trying for the 30X30 – except with the weather and my intense dislike for wet and cold it has been broken down to 30 seconds at a time. that includes in and out of car. Now I am getting the eggs from the barn every day and Thursday I walked the field with the horses a big accomplishment for me! so by the end of June I hope to be actually steadily doing something – walking – gardening for 30 minutes at a time.

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