The 30 x 30 Challenge

Today I am one of those cartoon people with a heat pack on my head and a thermometer sticking out of my mouth.  I am sick and it seem like a good idea to sleep all day.

So what better time to start the David Suzuki Foundation’s 30×30 Challenge?

I signed up online for the challenge last week.  Basically the goal is to get outside and enjoy yourself 30 days out of 30 in the month of June.  Considering the billions of benefits to playing outside, and the fact that June is generally a great month weather-wise, the 30×30 challenge seems like a great way to ease into summer.

Now I just have to think of what Little Man and I can do outside today.  Oh the possibilities!  We could do ANYTHING!

Except running.  I am feeling pretty tired.

Except jumping.  I am feeling pretty stiff.

Except rough-housing.  I am feeling pretty weak.

Hmmm.  What can we do without mom keeling over?

I guess we will have to settle on general shenanigans until I feel better.  I’m sure any fresh air will do me a world of good, and soon enough I will be back on my feet again (without sniffles!).

I will try to take a picture of our outside adventures each day and share them at the end of each week until the challenge is over.  Until next week, why not sign up for the challenge yourself?


2 thoughts on “The 30 x 30 Challenge

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