Victoria Day Long Weekend

Victoria Day long weekend (or May 2-4) is one of my top long weekends throughout the year.  It is the first long weekend that, more often than not, has great weather for outdoor shenanigans.

When we were much younger, this weekend was about finding a place to throw a party.  Now it is all about fun outside and resisting the urge for mid afternoon naps.

To kick of our weekend, we took Little Man to visit Grandma N and Grampa A on Saturday.  Grampa A had a huge pile of manure to mulch into his gardens, and we had an exciting surprise for Little Man.


Not crappy plastic tools to dig and rake to his heart’s content, but real metal and wooden tools.  The Dreamboat and I were already in the mindset that we wanted him to have real tools, but the awesome article in Eco Parent magazine that I read about risk versus reward just solidified our decision.

So we covered Little Man in Green Beaver sunscreen,  let him loose on the garden with his tools and he dug up a small storm before deciding that using his tools to scoop water out of the dog’s dish was more fun.

This of course left him soaking wet, which meant only one thing.  The weekend was now becoming clothing optional…for Little Man, that is.

Oh the terribly strenuous life of a toddler.  If all that playing isn’t hard enough, there’s getting dirty and wet as well.


Not that I did anything too strenuous myself.  While Grampa A scooped all of the manure onto his garden and Grandma N did some mulching, I chilled out in the shade of the gazebo.

Every job needs a forewoman right?

I did get up long enough to check out some baby robins hidden in a tree.  Perhaps I can pursued Grandma N to send me a picture to post this Wednesday.

It was pretty cool.  I have never seen baby birds up close before.  They were so small, with their little eyes closed and beaks open waiting for food.  It really is incredible how fragile they are.  Add to this that they are a few feet off of the ground in a yard that has two energetic (but gentle) labs, and you feel the reality of their precarious life.

How’s that for some heavy, zen-ful reading on a Sunday?

We’ll see what the rest of the weekend brings.  As long as there is some napping involved, I will be happy.  Hammocks anyone?

What about you?  What will you be doing this long weekend?  Let me know.


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