Eco Parent Magazine Review: Premiere Issue

As you may remember, I wrote briefly about Eco Parent magazine in April.  Along with the one year subscription that they generously donated for me to give away to one of my lucky blog readers, they also sent me the première issue to review.  After a very hectic week, I finally got the chance to relax and take a look at this new Canadian read.

The great thing about Eco Parent magazine is that it is printed on 100% recycled paper.  I have to admit that I am guilty of being drawn in by a flashy cover and interesting article titles, without stopping to think of the environmental impact that purchasing this type of magazine leads to.  In fact, it wasn’t until I was researching Eco Parent Magazine that I even realized that I had been doing this.

So to see that Eco Parent Magazine is using 100% recycled paper makes me feel better.  What is refreshing about it is the Environmental commitment at the beginning of the issue that acknowledges that their magazine has room to improve on reducing their ecological footprint, and then pledges to do just that as the magazine evolves.  It will be interesting to see how they accomplish that goal in the future.

From a design standpoint, Eco Parent has a simple, uncluttered layout with a good balance of images.  I hate it when I am reading a magazine that is so laden with images and font styles that I can’t focus on the articles themselves.  Eco Parent Magazine does a good job of making their content the focus.

I think the only thing I didn’t enjoy about the layout was that there were some instances where I wasn’t sure if I was reading an article or looking at a full-page advertisement.  For example, I flipped by the article on toys a few times assuming it was an ad for Green Toys, because almost all the article focused on that brand making it easy for me to miss the blurb on Nature Bag.  Likewise, there is a full-page ad at for Nature’s Fare Markets that is set up like an article.  That is not uncommon in magazines, but usually they say “advertisement” on the top of the page to distinguish the ads from the articles.

Other than that I really enjoyed the première issue.  My favourite article was one called “Risk or Challenge: Know the Difference.”  The main point was that as a parent you have to weigh the risk versus the potential for your child to learn (or gain) from trying something out of her/his current level of ability.  The Associate Director of Outward Bound then talks about healthy risks (like sleeping in the wilderness) versus unhealthy risks (like exposure to an avalanche), and how a healthy risk allows you the greatest amount of improvement.

I related to this article because Little Man is so busy and curious about the world around him.  The Dreamboat and I struggle with risks and challenges every day.  What will we allow him to try on his own?  Will we be right behind him or completely hands off as he tries something new?  Right now we are so focused on the physical risks and challenges around him.  Down the road I know it will be emotional risks and challenges as well.  [A cold sweat forms…]

Lastly, I was also really excited to get Eco Parent magazine because, unlike other magazines, I really wanted to see what advertisements were included.  It can be very frustrating to try to find Canadian eco products online.  Most things I find are made in the U.S. or overseas.  Eco Parent had a lot of relevant Canadian companies and products both in ads and mentioned in articles.  For example, the Nature Bag that I mentioned earlier is a Canadian product.

I really liked the première issue of Eco Parent magazine.  I am looking forward to seeing their future issues.  Have you read Eco Parent Magazine?  I would live to hear your opinion.  Also, what topics do you hope to read about in future issues?

Disclaimer:  I was provided the première issue for free to review for Eco Parent magazine.  I have included this review on my blog because this product fits with the values of “Yeah Baby It’s Cold Outside.” 


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