Happy Mother’s Day

If you saw my post this morning, I left you with a hint at what we were going to do today to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Here’s the update on what happened:

Today was my second Mother’s Day celebration.  Little Man was still a pinto bean last year.  I was still in that panicky, tired, new parent zone last year, so I didn’t really relax and enjoy myself as much as I wanted to.  This year I was more than ready for a day with my family.

The Dreamboat started out the day right with homemade waffles.  Grandma N and Grandpa A came over joined Uncle D, The Dreamboat, Little Man and I for deliciousness and some giggles.

Once our visitors left, we went outside to start our outdoor Mother’s Day fun.  The Dreamboat and I picked out two fruit trees that are within our zone, the Montmorency Cherry and the Toka Plum.  Assuming we get fruit at some point, the cherry tree is good for pies and the plum tree is good for jams.  Yum!

Of course the Dreamboat didn’t actually let me do any of the digging for the tree.  In true sneaky ninja mode he asked me to go into town to get more triple mix and then added casually that I should take my time.

By the time I got home with the triple mix he was almost done the plum tree, and prepped with the hole dug for the cherry tree.  I entertained Little Man while the Dreamboat finished his work.  Well, actually, Little Man entertained me with his sneaky smile…

and helping Daddy to pack down the soil around the tree.

Of course, Little Man was kind enough to help me put the herbs I bought into pots.

I have to say that I was largely guessing when it came to potting the herbs.  When we were talking to the lady at the greenhouse (Southview Growers if you are ever in Sudbury), she told me that three of my choices had to potted alone or they would take over the pot.  I knew that dill and mint did this, but by the time I got around to potting my individual herbs, I had forgotten which one the third was.  So I guessed Lemon Verbena and put it in its own pot.  The rest were mishmashed together in two larger pots.  Hopefully I guessed the right herb.

Here are the eleven herbs (and two veggies) I potted today:

  1. Chives
  2. Rosemary
  3. Tarragon
  4. Cilantro
  5. Dill*
  6. Spearmint*
  7. Lemon Verbena*
  8. Sage
  9. Oregano
  10. Thai Basil
  11. Sweet Basil
  12. Leeks
  13. Cherry tomatoes

The * are next to the herbs in their own pots.  Let me now if I made a mistake with guessing which three were the invasive herbs.

I will also leave you with a few shots of the trees that Dreamboat planted for me.  Between that, time outside with my two guys and an amazing breakfast with family, I couldn’t have asked for a better. day.




2 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. Thanks. I will have to watch the Chives and the Oregano to make sure they don’t choke out the others. As for our Dill, it slumped over pretty quickly and now looks like it might be on it’s way to herb heaven. As a last ditch effort I was going to try to trim it and see if that inspires renewed growth. Thanks for the advice.

  2. Hi Catherine sounds like an absolutely lovely day. The trees look lovely.
    Now as far as the herbs I’m surprised that the lady at the greenhouse suggested dill be on its own. I have found that the Dill and chives spread profusely by their seeds and that next year they will show up all over. Actually so will oregano as well as spreading by its roots. I think you guessed right with the Lemon Verbena I have to always dig to trim mine back. Spearmint as well. I think the cilantro will act the same as the dill although I’m not sure as I haven’t planted it much. Looks like a nice group of herbs – good luck with them

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