Learning to Grow

Happy Earth Day!

At the moment we have remnants of the snow that fell on Friday.  I am still hopeful that it will be completely gone by this afternoon so that we can get outside and enjoy Earth Day in a drier setting.

Yesterday, along with being wet the wind was pretty fierce, so we ended up planting Little Man’s seed paper inside (from Little Man’s copy of the awesome book “The Tiny Seed” by Eric Carle).

This was LM’s first time planting anything, and it ended up being a huge hit.  I can’t say that he knew what was  going on exactly, but he definitely figured out that dirt is just as fun to play with as to eat.

We started things off by going outside to the driveway to collect some rocks to put in the bottom of the pot for drainage.  At the moment Little Man is both completely enthralled with picking up stones as well as putting anything inside a container.  So he had a blast with this part of the project.

Next we went inside and got down to the nitty-gritty.  After watching me scoop dirt into the pot, Little Man decided that he wanted a turn.

Scoop 1: Success!

Scoop 2-2,000: Not so much in the pot as on the body.

Little Man was sure to check with a ruler to ensure that we were planting the seed paper at 1/8 of an inch in depth.

He also acted as foreman, directing me on proper planting procedures…

and ensured that the soil was sufficiently wet as the Director of Quality Control.

All in all, he did very well.  Now that the pot is in a nice, sunny spot inside, we will play the waiting game to see if the seed paper really works.  In the meantime I might dare to venture out into the wet weather and enjoy the rest of my Sunday with my family.  It does seem rather shameful to wait for better weather to enjoy Earth Day.

If you are wondering how you can celebrate Earth Day, and you liked our project, why not check out how to make your own seed paper, courtesy of the David Suzuki Foundation.  You can reuse your waste paper to create something new.  What else could you do to celebrate Earth day?


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