The Tiny Seed (Children’s Book Review)

This Sunday is Earth Day.  Even though they are calling for snow this weekend in our area, I am still hoping to get  some quality time outside with Little Man and the Dreamboat.  Little Man is still a tad young to understand what gardening is about, but I still want to introduce him to the wonderful world of flowers, compost, bugs and dirt.  He did eat dirt out of a potted plant recently, but that is not exactly what I have in mind.

So what better way to get ready for Earth Day celebrations, than to do a review on a classic children’s book: Eric Carle’s “The Tiny Seed.”  In this story, Carle takes the reader on the journey of a tiny seed who, though smaller than the others, becomes a big, beautiful flower in the end.

I love this story for so many reasons.  Firstly, it is fairly likely that Little Man will be a half-pint height-wise, so I love the idea of a story that proves that bigger is not always better.  Score one for the shorties of the world.

Secondly, my nerdy Spidey senses get all tingly at the science behind the story which gracefully teaches the life cycle of flowers.  From seed to flower and back to seed, there is so much to learn about the difficulties plants face as they grow.

Thirdly, I find the images incredibly colourful and beautiful.  If you are familiar with another Carle classic, “The Hungry Caterpillar,” then you will know what I mean.  Seeing the illustrations makes me want to pull out the art supplies and draw like a kid again.

Lastly, and more fitting with Earth Day, Little Man’s version of “The Tiny Seed” comes with a small sheet of seed paper.  The instructions in the book say to place it in a pot with soil and water it, and soon a plant should appear.  I thought this might be a great introductory activity for Little Man to the world of gardening.

So this Sunday, that is what we will be doing.  Hopefully we can plant Little Man’s seed paper outside in the sunshine.  If that sneaky snow does come around, then we will do our planting inside.  Regardless of where it happens, it will most certainly be both dirty and entertaining.  And after a long, fun-filled day, I will read Little Man “The Tiny Seed” before he drifts off to sleep and dreams of all that tasty dirt in plant pots.

What is your favourite Eric Carle book and just what will you be doing to celebrate Earth day this Sunday?

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