The Unwitting Plant Killer

Our front porch is currently home to a sad cluster of dead potted plants. Their shriveled, lifeless, little souls cry out to me whenever I see them; as if to remind me that I am a neglectful, amateur parent. I am racked with guilt whenever I glance out the window and see those dried out masses. It makes me wonder how I can love nature so much, and yet be so inept at maintaining it.

Just last week I wrote about our adventures planting the seed paper from one of Little Man’s books. Already I have forgotten that very pot outside overnight as the temperature dipped dangerously towards zero.

Is Little Man’s plant to suffer the same fate as those on the front porch? I hope not. I have to believe that I am capable of figuring out how to not only grow a plant, but also keep it alive as long as possible. I have figured out how to do this with Little Man, so one would assume that plants would be a tad easier.

I’m sure it just comes down to knowing what a plant does and doesn’t need to thrive.

Needs: sunlight and water.

Doesn’t need: being left outside in temperatures cold enough to turn it into a plantsicle.

So I am making it a goal to not only plant herbs this spring in small pots, but to grow them outside throughout the summer and inside this winter. Surely Chives won’t get the best of me.

If any of you have any tips for beginning gardeners like myself, I would love to hear them. At least for the sake of Little Man’s plant!



Cloth Diapers Part 1: The “Ew” Factor

A friend of mine requested a post on cloth diapers.  Because disposable diapers are still the norm, there is a lot of misinformation out there about using cloth diapers.  So I thought instead of doing one post about cloth diapering, that I would do a series on the topic.

For the next few Fridays I will post about different aspects of cloth diapering.  Today’s post is on the “ew” factor.  Cloth diapers are not gross, but Continue reading