Organically Raised: Conscious Cooking for Babies and Toddlers (Cookbook Review)

I am a book fiend.  It has taken years to develop the ability to walk out of a book store with only one or (gasp!) no books.  In high school it was books about art, in university it was politics and now that I am married it is books about food.  I love cookbooks!  With Little Man’s arrival, I began scouring bookstores for great cookbooks that tackle cooking for children.  Organically Raised by Anni Daulter has been one of my favourite finds so far.

Daulter refers to Organically Raised as “a cookbook with a conscience.”  In it she encourages parents to replace traditional (i.e. generally pesticide grown) jarred baby foods with delicious, organic homemade dishes.  Dishes are simple but flavourful, with everything from a steamed carrot, spinach, and beet blend to pan-seared halibut with lemon caper sauce and parmesan linguine.

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Impatiently Awaiting Patience

That “brief” bout of warm weather I wrote about two weeks ago is still hanging around, making everyone hopeful that spring is here to stay.  Not the kind of spring that taunts us with a never-ending cycle of freezing and melting snow, but the one that promises plenty of time outside.  With this waiting game being played, and the taunting possibility of change in the air, it seems that we are all impatiently awaiting something.

This being the first spring in our new house, I have a rather large to-do list in my head that I badly want to tackle.  With any house there is an array of things that need to be made, fixed or replaced, and our house is no exception.  From the spots of old, crumbling roof shingles to the sad, salt-beaten baby tree in the front yard, I want instantaneous change.  My soul is crying out “gimme, gimme.”

Take our back yard, for example.  It is in need of many changes and improvements.  One of the top items on my to-do list is to create some sort of fencing.  With an alleyway at the back, creating privacy seems essential.  The last owners planted about six little bushes along the alleyway.  However, they are so small that even our half-pinted Little Man will soon tower over them.  And they definitely don’t provide enough of an obstacle to stop the neighbour’s dog from pooping in our yard.  Hardly the privacy screens I am envisioning in my mind.

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