My Story

I thought I would start things off today by telling you a little bit about myself and why I decided to start the blog Yeah Baby It’s Cold Outside.  As I said in my first post, my goal is to live an eco-friendly life in northern Ontario while striving to raise my son in a fun and nurturing environment.  While a large part of this blog will focus on attachment parenting, living chemically free, and book/product information, the underlying theme of this blog truly is loving and embracing the natural world.  So for this post I will focus on that.  Personally I have a deep love of nature and the desire to share that love with everyone around me.  I think I will just have to come out and say it;  I am a certified nature geek.  I relish snowshoeing through the forest listening to the crunch of the snow beneath me.  I adore the feeling of the wind on my face when I am out paddling a canoe.  I get downright excited about muddy springs, hot summers, crisp autumns and, dare I say it, biting cold winters.  When it comes to the outdoors, I am an excited five-year old racing out to discover the world around me.

This is probably not surprising considering I am a child of the 80s, a time when it seems that from every direction I was being bombarded with the message that it was up to me to single-handedly save the planet from doom.  In school I learned about recycling.  On television, David Suzuki and The Nature of Things taught me about how to do my part.  I was hooked on helping.  And Captain planet?  What a dreamboat!  Still, for all my interest in nature and sustainability, I wasn’t really exposed to much of either.  I was fortunate enough to get away to a family cottage every now and then for a short look at the natural world, but other than that it was life in small town suburbia for me.  Most of my time was spent playing indoors, with the odd trip to the beach or park. Yes, there was bike riding and swimming and such, but the bike riding was on pavement and, for the most part, the swimming was at an indoor YMCA pool.

It wasn’t until I was in high school and joined an outdoors club that I got a real taste of nature. By the end of my first trip, I was in love.  Since then I have had the chance to do so many great things outdoors that I hope my son will try as he grows up: canoeing, kayaking, climbing, cycling, camping, skiing, snowshoeing, ice fishing, etc.  The Dreamboat’s family, who are conveniently in the same area as us, are outdoorsy, and so we get to do these things often throughout the year.  My husband’s childhood was spent camping and fishing with his family, and his father is a walking encyclopedia of knowledge on hunting, fishing, and living sustainably .  He grew up in a house where everything I want to learn how to do (repurposing, canning, gardening, etc.) was commonplace out of the necessity to make ends meet.  Now that Little Man is here, there is a great opportunity to put all that theory in my head and the information from the Dreamboat’s dad (a.k.a. Grandpa P) into practice.  So what better time to start writing about my learning adventures?

I am no expert in the areas I am hoping to pursue in this blog.  But as a nature geek, and real life nerd (i.e. teacher), I have done a lot of research about the topics I will be covering.  When I am focused on something, I put all of my effort into it, and I am now ready to begin chipping away at my goal of living sustainably in the north.  It is the transition from reading to doing that will be worth watching.  So if you are ready, let the nerdery begin.

Stay tuned this Wednesday, and every Wednesday after that, for a photographic post.  I will then be starting a short series on why we should even bother trying to live an eco-friendly life.  Expect to see this series featured in Sunday posts.  In the meantime, why not leave a comment telling me a little about your story and why you are committed to living life a little greener?


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